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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about our photo restoration service, you may find the answers below.

How do I send you my photos?

Upload the photos you’d like restoring using our online photo restoration service. It’s really quick to use and should take less than 90 seconds to complete!

How much does it cost to repair my photos?

Our photo restoration service costs only £29 per photo. We’re very proud to say that this makes us one of the most affordable photo restoration services in the world!

How many photos can I have restored?

You can have as many photos restored as you like! That being said, you may only upload 10 photos per submission but you can submit multiple form submissions. Each form submission creates a new line item in your order. Give it a try.

How long does it take to receive my restored photographs?

Restoration takes time and so our standard restoration time is 7-10 days, but if you’re in a hurry we can prioritise your order. The same amount of care and time will be taken over your order, but you’re effectively paying to jump the queue! Priority Processing takes 3-5 days to restore your photos.

Please note: Processing speed is not the same as shipping speed.

Processing speed is the time it takes for us to digitally restore your photographs and send you a preview via email. Shipping speed is different in that it only applies to orders with photo prints and is the time it takes to receive these prints in the mail.

If applicable, the shipping speed can be seen on the checkout page.

My photos are torn – can they be restored?

Absolutely! Simply scan or photograph all the torn pieces (to create a single image file containing all the pieces) and upload it in the photo restoration form as usual. We will then be able to isolate each piece and digitally stitch the photo back together.

Even if small pieces are missing, as long as they don’t contain focal points such as faces, there is a good chance we will be able to digitally restore the missing parts of the photograph. The results will look seamless! Give it a try

I have lots of photos to restore – how do I send them to you?

We would say if you have more than 25 photos to repair, please contact us here or email us directly at Large volumes of concurrent photo restorations may require more of our photo restorers to complete. To avoid delays in delivery, please get in touch so we can schedule your order and provide the best service to you and all our customers.

I have multiple photos to restore but I only want one colourising – how do I do this?

Any optional extras that you select throughout the upload form (ie. Colourising, Photo Prints or Priority Processing) will apply to ALL photos uploaded in a single submission. Therefore, if you have a photo with specific requirements, please upload it separately in a subsequent form submission.

Can you restore water-damaged photos?

Yes! Water damage one of the most pernicious types of damage to photographs and usually digital restoration is the only way to repair them. Our expert photo restorers are able to restore even the worst of water damage, provided at least some of the subject remains intact, eg. some facial details etc. Repair your water damaged photos today

How do I send you photos that are too big for my scanner?

The best option here is to take a photo using the camera on your phone or tablet. Make sure to use the back facing camera (ie. not the front facing camera used to take selfies, as these are typically lower resolution cameras.) Once taken on your phone or tablet, use your same phone or tablet to upload the photo from your camera Photo Album via the upload form here.

What resolution should my photographs be?

For the best photo restoration results, make sure the photos you upload have been scanned at a minimum of 300dpi (and ideally no more than 600dpi)

Why can I only upload 10 photographs on the photo upload form?

This is to mitigate errors when uploading lots of large files. However, if you have more than 10 photos, you can complete this form as many times as you need. A new line item is simply made for each submission.

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