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Affiliate Policy

Updated: 26 February 2022

This Affiliate Policy explains what affiliate marketing is and how We use it on Robin's Photographs.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is used to promote the products or services of another company who, in return for any paying customers sent their way, gives the referrer a small percentage of the sales. It comes at no extra cost to the buyer.

Affiliate marketing seems to have a dirty reputation. This is because unscrupulous people use it to sell any old product just to get the commission. This breeds mistrust because the consumer feels duped having been recommended an inappropriate or sub-standard product.

However, when used by a person or company with integrity it’s a win-win for everyone. For example:

  1. The consumer can quickly find a great product because the affiliate marketer has already put in the hard-work of trying and testing multiple products.
  2. The people who sell the great product make a sale from their target customers.
  3. Middle men like the affiliate marketer, by successfully connecting consumers with useful products, make a small commission.

Robin's Photographs promise is to only promote products and services that we love and use ourselves and would therefore recommend. If we don’t use or recommend it, we will never promote it.

How we use affiliate marketing

Robin's Photographs is a member of a number of affiliate programs, including Amazon. This means that throughout this site and our social channels, we may link to products or services that will earn a commission from qualifying purchases.

Affiliate marketing does not change the price of the product for you, the consumer. In fact, in many cases we can offer our customers better deals on products that we recommend.

Any income we earn from affiliate product referrals helps to maintain the site.

Thank you for your support 🙂