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Robin's Photographs is an online hub for people interested in restoring and preserving their past.

We write articles about genealogy, researching and documenting your family tree, learning about your family history and discovering your past.

We also write about restoring and preserving old photographs, including how to digitally restore and repair old family photographs, the best way to scan and digititize them and archive them to preserve them for as a long as possible.

We also offer an online photo restoration service. You upload your photos and our expert photo restorers will digitally restore them. It's a hugely popular service and helps you preserve your past for future generations to enjoy.

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Who is Robin?

Robin Butler is a photography expert, family history oracle and local legend.

His passion and enthusiasm for preserving the past is the inspiration behind this website. In partnership with his grandson, Richard, they created and run this website.

Robin Butler


Richard Butler

Lead Photo Restorer


During his career as a blacksmith, Robin produced some outstanding decorative ironwork which can be found throughout the UK, including in such prestigious places as York Minster and Windsor Castle, around the tomb of King George VI.

During retirement, Robin volunteered at a local history museum where he demonstrated traditional blacksmithing in a working forge. He is also the subject of 2 books and features in a third about his experiences taking in evacuees during WWII.

He heads the local family history society and is a fount of historical knowledge for the local area. He has judged numerous local photography competitions and has thousands of old photographs of towns and villages throughout Yorkshire that he has scanned, digitised and restored over many years.

"From my humble beginnings as a blacksmith in Yorkshire, [England], I never imagined I'd be helping people from all around the world restore and preserve their past. It's a huge success, but no wonder really - Yorkshire quality is second to none!"

Robin Butler

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